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Berthold - Full Body Contamination

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The Body Scan is used where the surface contamination of persons has to be monitored for a limit value. This is the case at the exit of operational control areas, e.g. in nuclear facilities.

The measuring task of the personal contamination monitor is to prove the exceeding of the limit value of the surface contamination with a high statistical certainty. In the case of non-contaminated persons, however, no contamination alarm should be generated with high statistical certainty.

Body Scan

Measurement Mode

The measurement principle is based on two steps for each person (front and back measurement). The optimized detector arrangement makes it possible to capture almost the entire surface of the person being measured. The person’s size is irrelevant. The head detector is automatically positioned and is secured by a light curtain. During measurement, the positions of the hands, feet, head and body are monitored constantly to prevent positioning errors. For easy handling, the touchscreen and detailed instructions over a speaker guide the user into the correct position. If no person or contamination is being measured, the background is automatically and continuously monitored. During measurement, the loudspeaker indicates the remaining measurement time and all measurement values are displayed at the same time. For alarms, various threshold values can be set. The measurement results can be shown in cps, Bq, and Bq/cm2, as desired.



Housingrobust plastic housingrobust aluminum housing
Transmission rate0,830,83
Entry window dimensions480 mm x 180 mm480 mm x 180 mm
Active surface860 cm²860 cm²
Entry window materialMylar/PEMylar/PE
Backgroundα < 0.1 cps, β < 15 cpsα < 0.1 cps, β < 10 cps
Dimensions500 mm x 180 mm x 60 mm (L x W x H)500 mm x 180 mm x 45 mm (L x W x H)
Weightapprox. 1.2 kgapprox. 1.4 kg
Mechanical Data  
Dimensions & Weight(W x H x D) [mm] 
Open cabinet2400 x 750 x 1000, 300 kg 
With doors2400 x 1000 x 1300, 500 kg 
With doors + gamma detectors + lead shielding2400 x 1000 x 1300, 1500 kg 
MaterialStainless steel 


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