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Nanjing Superyears - Real-time PCR System 2215

Catalog No. SY2215 Category

Model: General 2215

General 2215 RT-qPCR adopts all-in-one with an industrial art design, combining the Analytical Instrument, Large touch screen, and Computer. General 2215 RT-qPCR is equipped with the proven thermal-cooled electric technology, which can recognize the speed rate of temperature control faster and obtain high-quality testing results within 40 minutes. To ensure the sensitivity and stability of the testing a design with traditional beam path with a susceptible CMOS image sensor is used. In addition, General 2215 supports multiple PCR analysis and High-resolution Melt Curve (HRM) analysis, compatible with the mainstream reagent kit in the market. It will be the best assistant and your preferred RT-qPCR.


Optical formation of the 96-well plate image simultaneously, avoiding the mechanical repositioning that causes the error, the results with a high degree of accuracy


The Classic Upper Camera Design, Higher Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) than the Fiber-conducted method, Lower Reagent-consuming

Simple Design

 Integrated Design with embedded computer, Space-saving

Widely Used

5-Color Fluorescence, Support Customer Personalized Dye


Flexible System- Optional Heading module to adaptive change in different reaction system(0.1/0.2ml)


Customized interface, easy to interact, handy to operate


Nanjing Superyears

Sample Capacity96-well
Reaction Volume10~30 μl
Applicable Consumables0.1ml,96-well plate,8-stripe tube, Single tube
Temp.Control Range4~100°C
Capillary Length36 cm、50 cm
Max.Temp. Rise and Fall speed5.5°C/sec
Temp.Accuracy± 0.25°C
Temp.Uniformity± 0.5°C
Temp.Control MethodPeltier Semiconductor
Light sourceTungsten Halogen Lamp
DetectorCMOS Image Sensor, Accurate Imaging for 96-well plate simultaneously, no time difference
Excitation Light Range470~640 nm
Detection520~682 nm
Filter Syste5 sets of excitation filters, 5 sets of emission filters
Applicable Fluorescent Dyes:FAM™/SYBR® Green I, VIC®/JOE , NED™/TAMRA™/ Cy3® , ROX™ / Texas Red® and Cy5® etc.
Size (L x W x H)400×500×585 mm
Detection Range9 orders of magnitude
Sensitivity1 copy
Reliability99.7% reliability of distinguishing between 5000 copies and 10000 copies
Run time40 mins
Power100~240 VAC,50 / 60 Hz
Temperature10 to 35 °C,Max. temperature change no exceed than 15 °C within 24hrs
Relative Humidity20%~80% (non~condensing)


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