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BioQuant-96 is the newest product of Biosan Molecular diagnostic product family.

It has adopted innovative thermoelectric refrigeration technology, brand-new light source and light path design. Detection from the top allows using different consumables – 0,2 tubes, 8-tube strips and semi-skirted and non-skirted 96-well PCR plates. The unique constant current power and 6-zone independent temperature control method ensure more rapid, correct and stable fluorescence quantitative analysis, while maintaining its excellent performance in lowest possible energy consumption.

Device is available in 5-channel and 6-channel configuration. Meanwhile, it has been added with functions including independent temperature control, low temperature storage of sample at 4℃ and FAST mode for more faster cycling (confirm reagent compatibility with fast mode).

BioQuant-96 is comprehensively realizing automatic gain setting and improving user experience.



Sample capacity0.2ml single tube (transparent cap), 96×0.2(0.1)ml Plate (transparent cap), 8-strip tubes (transparent cap)
Dynamic range1~10^10 copies
Excitation wavelength300-800 nm
Emission wavelength500-800 nm
Temperature setting range4 ~105°C (increment: 0.1°C)
Heating/coolling rateMax 6.0 °C/s / 5.5 °C/s
Temperature accuracy≤±0.1°C
Temperature fluctuation≤±0.3°C
Temperature uniformity≤±0.3°C
Temperature control modeBlock/6-zone gradient
Sample volume5 ~ 100 μl
Gradient temperature range1 ~ 36°C
Hot-lid temperature range30 ~110°C (adjustable default: 105°C, Automatic Hot-lid)
Scan modeFull plate simultaneously
ProgramMax. 20 segments for each program, max. 99 cycles
Continuous operation+
Scan period5.5 s
SoftwareBioQuant-96 Software
Operating systemWindows 7/8/10/11
Software requiredMicrosoft Excel
Minimum PC requirementsBuilt-in touchscreen PC / Memory: 512MB, Hard Disk:10GB, CPU: Pentium® 4, Virtual Memory: ≥1000MB
Nominal operating voltage100-240V; ~50/60Hz
Power consumption600W
Dimensions (W×D×H)490×290×391 mm
Number of socketsUSB adapter, Bluetooth adapter
InterfaceWIN 10 on built-in touchscreen PC



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