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Honor 1 8 1 6 Genetic A nalyzer is a 1 6 – channel capillary electrophoresis genetic analyzer developed by NANJING SUPERYEARS GENE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. Based on Sanger sequencing method, it is suitable for fragment analysis and DNA sequencing, and meets the needs of basic research of molecular genetics and clinical research of precision medicine. Honor 1816 Genetic Analyzer is equipped with 16 – channel capillary arrays, a 5 0 5 nm single- channel solid- state laser excitation source, a computer workstation , and data acquisition & analysis software . The entire system provides high- throughput DNA fragment analysis, sequencing , preliminary base detection, and automatic fragment screening analysis.


Nanjing Superyears

ApplicationSequencing and fragment analysis
Laser type3 0 mW long- life semiconductor solid- state laser
Number of channels16 (scaleable)
Read length800 bp
Detection methodLaser- induced fluorescent CCD automated acquisition
Range of detection wavelength530~700 nm
Maximum detection throughputEn> 1 6 ( sample/ h) when fragment length < 5 0 0 bp
Number of fluorescent dyes8-color
Temperature control accuracy ΔT<0.2°C
Size812 mm× 610 mm× 532 mm
Resolution1 bp
Weight120 kg
Forensic DNA Data Acquisition and Preprocessing SoftwareReal- time acquisition, analysis and display of DNA mapping data; spatial correction, spectral correction and automatic evaluation of correction effect; automatic generation of DNA data files; automatic planning of sample operation; automatic system monitoring, and keys components can be manually controlled.
DNA sequencing softwareDNA data correction, sequence generation and quality evaluation
Genotyping softwareGenotyping and quality evaluation





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