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Nanjing Superyears - Honor 1616

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Nanjing Superyears Gene Technology Co.,Ltd. Developed a generation sequencer known as the Honor 1616 genetic analyzer, which has full independent intellectual property rights. It supports 6-color fluorescence, uses the Sanger sequencing method, has 16 channels, customizable operation interface, and can be used for fragment analysis as well as sequencing. The long-standing monopoly of foreign companies in this area has been broken by the Honor1616 genetic analyzer, which has also built a solid technical foundation for research use, court identification and public security criminal investigation and etc.


Nanjing Superyears

Number of fluorescent dyes6
Length of capillary36 cm, 50 cm
Entry methodfully automatic injection, compatible with 96-well plate (x2) and 8 exhaust pipe
Rubber injection methodfully automatic glue injection
Optical Filtersolid-state laser
The wavelength of the laser light source505 nm
Fluorescence dye wavelength>520 nm
Performance Parameter 
Temperature control accuracyless than 0,2 degrees
Resolution1bp, read length: 800 bp or more
Work Environment 
Working power supply220 VAC, 50 HZ, single-phase: 10A, 2200 VA
Ambient temperature20-30 degrees, the temperature fluctuation during operation is not more than ±2 degrees, Relative humidity: 20-60% (no condensation)
Atmospheric pressure86kpa-106kpa
Overall Dimensions (long x, width x, height 
Door closure610x532x812 mm
Door fully open1225x532x812
Weightapproximately 95 kg




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