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ViennaLab - β-Globin StripAssay® SEA

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Thalassemias are characterized by inherited defective hemoglobin synthesis leading to microcytic, hemolytic anemias. The clinical heterogeneity ranges from asymptomatic to very severe forms requiring regular blood transfusions. Globin StripAssays® detect common thalassemia-causing genetic variants worldwide, and the β-Thal Modifier StripAssay® identifies co-inherited variants known to ameliorate severity of beta-thalassemia.


  • Severe thalassemia is life-limiting and poses a major public health burden in Mediterranean countries, Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and the Indian subcontinent.
  • Mutations in the alpha- and beta-globin genes lead to reduced or abolished globin-chain synthesis or cause structurally abnormal hemoglobin.
  • Genetic analysis is required to confirm the clinical diagnosis and is indispensable for genetic counseling.
  • Apart from bone marrow transplantation, no ultimate cure is available up-to-date. However, identifying favourable genetic modifiers in patients help to predict the severity of beta-thalassemia phenotypes.

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