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MaestroNano is a spectrophotometer for bio-chemical research only. The main function is micro volume concentration quantification, for nucleic acid including double-stranded nucleic acid (dsDNA), single-stranded nucleic acid (ssDNA), and ribonucleic acid (RNA), or protein solution.

To satisfy most users’ requirements for concentration measurement, MaestroNano defines a most reliable measurement range of concentration of 2-2000 ng/μL, and successfully resists the interferences of ambient light to achieve more accurate measurement results.

After dispensing sample on the surface of the central area of the quartz glass, users can select sample type and begin to measure.

Focus on nucleic acid and protein

2 μl sample only, easy measurement in less than 5 seconds

High reproducibility and repeatability

User-friendly interface
Touch screen, USB, Wi-Fi, ethernet and QR code

Embedded computer and thermo printer

Low-cost operation
No plates or other consumables

Best concentration range
2 ng/µL~2,000 ng/µL (dsDNA) without dilution

Reliable, repeatable, and reproducible concentration
MaestroNano does not intend to change light path-length during measurement to reduce frequency of calibration. Instead, MaestroNano develops and offers an in-house mathematical algorithm to help users acquire more reliable, repeatable, and reproducible bio-chemical solution concentrations.

Non-optical-fiber design
With MaestroGen’s new technology, non-optical-design, MaestroNano can offer the high reliability in accuracy and prevent from the unavoidable issue caused by the attenuation of light intensity in the optical path when the device equipped with fiber-optic components as consumables. 

High precision in the positioning of optical path
The height of optical path-length is precisely fixed in 0.5mm by fixed pin. Compared to other micro volume spectrophotometers, which need to be constantly calibrated to maintain the precision and to make the optical path length into position, MaestroNano works with a metal cover that can “straightly” go up and down in y-axial via a reliable slider and that way contributes to the rigid positioning of the optical path length in y-axis and always to be perpendicular to the bottom quartz glass.



Cat. No.MN-917
Measurement Sample Size2 μL
Measurement Data Output
1. OD230 nm, OD260 nm, OD280 nm, OD320 nm
2. Sample Concentration (ng/μL)
3. OD260 nm/OD230 nm, OD260 nm/OD280 nm
Light Propagation MaterialQuartz Glass and Pinhole
Absorbance Range (10mm)0.04~40
Minimum Concentration2 ng/μL (dsDNA)
Maximum Concentration2000 ng/μL (dsDNA)
Path Length~0.5 mm
Measurement Time< 5 seconds at conc. >25 ng/μL
Operation Voltage12 VDC, 2.5 A
Adaptor Input100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz, 1 A
Operation Power Consumption
Stand by: 5 W
General: 10 W
Thermal printer: 15~24 W
Data Connection Interface
OTG USB (connected to PC)
Wi-Fi (USB Dongle)
Ethernet (RJ-45)
USB Port x 2
Data Output Interface
Touch screen
Thermal Printer
USB Storage
Web Server Storage
USB Port Operation Voltage5 VDC, 0.5 A
Printer Paper Width/Print Width58 mm/48 mm
Touchscreen Resolution7 inches, WxH 1024×600 dots matrix
Operation SystemAndroid Version 4.4.3
Internal Storage32 GB
Auto Diagnosis
Calibration Mode
Fixed Path-length
System StructureEmbedded System, No PC
Light SourceXenon Flash Lamp
SizeWxDxH  26x26x22 cm
Weight3.5 kg (not including adapter)


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