Sentra Biosains Dinamika

Biosan - Reagents for BioMagPure 12 Plus

Catalog No. BS-060201-AK / BS-060201-CK / BS-060201-DK / BS-060201-EK / BS-060201-FK / BS-060201-GK / BS-060201-OK Category

Reagents for BioMagPure 12  Plus, compact bench-top robotic workstations for automated nucleic acid purification. Usage of pre-filled reagent cartridges and disposable consumables enable a true walk-away automation and high quality nucleic acid extraction solution. Proven magnetic separation technology makes purification efficient, easy to use, reliable, safe and cost effective.


  • Advanced magnetic bead technology
  • Patented reaction chamber
  • Walk-away automation
  • Reliable quality
  • Ready-to-use reagent cartridges
  • 3 easy steps: LOAD-RUN-OBTAIN



Processing capability1–12 samples per run
Extraction technologymagnetic particle separation technology


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