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LansionBio - PGI/PGII Test Kit (Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay)

PGⅠ/PGⅡ Test Kit (Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay) is intended for in-vitro quantitative measurement of PGⅠ/PGⅡ (Pepsinogen Ⅰ/pepsinogenⅡ) in human serum and plasma. Pepsinogen (PG) is an inactive precursor of gastric mucosal-specific functional enzymes secreted by gastric principal cells—pepsin. It can be divided into pepsinogenⅠ(PGⅠ) and pepsinogen II (PGⅡ), biochemical and immunological Subgroups with different activities. PGⅠis mainly secreted by the principal cells of the fundus glands and mucous neck cells. Under normal circumstances, about 1% of PG enters the blood circulation through the capillaries of the gastric mucosa, and the PG entering the blood circulation is very stable in the blood. Serum PGⅠand PGⅡ reflect the number of gastric mucosa glands and cells, and indirectly reflect the secretory function of different parts of the gastric mucosa. When the gastric mucosa undergoes pathological changes, the serum PG content also changes. Therefore, monitoring the concentration of PG in serum can be used as a means to monitor the state and function of the gastric mucosa.The commonly used detection methods in clinc and laboratory are chemiluminescence ,latex enhanced immunoturbidimetry and immunofluorescence.



Test strip25 tests
QR code1piece
User Manual1piece
Dropping tube25 pieces(optional)

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