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Berthold - LB 9000 400VAC

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The data logger LB 9000 with its PC software is an universal data acquisition system for a variety of detector systems in radiation protection. Various probes, sensors and peripheral devices can be operated.

The display of the current measured values on site is both numerical and graphical, whereby the various display options can be varied at will with two connected probes.

Software System

The Data Logger features the latest state of the art technology and a technically mature software system that can be configured by the user. It takes over the complete control of all modules, calculation and integral calculation as well as the graphical presentation on the screen.

All measured values, different integral values and exceeding or not reaching limit values can be monitored and outputted depending on the user’s requirements.

The configuration of the virtual channels is individually programmable for each channel via provided software assistants. Averaging algorithms (rate meter or moving average) and alarm thresholds can be selected.

Besides the definition of radiometric channels the configuration of the digital in- and outputs as well as the relay outputs are possible.



Mechanical Data
Hardware19“ rack, desktop housing or rack mounting device
Processor boardmini-PC, 7“ TFT-Monitor with touch screen
Interfacesback panel: 3 x USB port, 1 x Ethernet, 2 x RS 232
Ambient Conditions
Temperature range0°C to 50°C
Relative humidity20% to 80%, non-condensing
Data buffer10.000 measurement records per channel
Watchdog functionintegrated into the relay board firmware
Back up function
parameter up-/download for external back up,
setup configuration report in rtf format


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