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Berthold - LB 201 Becquerel Monitor

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Ensuring food and its ingredients are safe to eat and meet international limits has become increasingly important after nuclear accidents, such as Fukushima in 2011 and Chernobyl in 1986. The Becquerel Monitor LB 201 reliably detects gamma activities in food samples, liquids and smaller bulk goods.

From switching on the device to the result of the measurement is just a few steps. The simple software of the evaluation unit guides even users without prior knowledge to the measuring result with ease. Thereby, the use of a Marinelli sample cup made of plastic ensures a consistent measuring geometry.

The LB 201 comes with a tailored aluminum case in which all the device parts find space. 

Thanks to the modular design consisting of two separate units, the LB 201 adapts perfectly to your workplace.

Therefore, the transport and the flexible application of the LB 201 is ensured.

The use of a Marinelli sample cup ensures a consistent measuring geometry. The plastic cup is ready for food samples, liquids and smaller bulk goods.

The automatic 40K suppression helps with achieving a more reliable result. A second energy window is implemented in order to subtract the influence of the high energy gamma emitter from the measurement result.




TypeNaI(Tl) Crystal 25 mm Ø x 25 mm
Probewith built-in threshold amplifier
and high-voltage generator
Operating Voltage5 VDC ±5 %
Max. current
1.5 A
DimensionsElectronics housing (120 mm × 120 mm)
Height: 190 mm with lead shielding
attached: 240 mm
Temperature rangeStorage: –20 to 55 °C
Operation: 5 to 40 °C
Transport: –20 to 55 °C
Rel. humidity10 to 85 %, non-condensing
Maximum tolerable
temperature change
+10 °C/h, –8 °C/h
AltitudeMax. 2000 m above sea level
ProtectionIP 55
Protection classIII
Weightapprox. 0.8 kg (without lead shielding)
Lead Shielding
Dimensions (H × Ø)approx. 130 mm × 136 mm
Weightapprox. 8 kg
Measuring beakerPlastic, useable volume 0.5 l
(H × Ø) approx. 99 mm × 114 mm


DisplayMonochrome LCD 192 x 64 pixels

Electro-luminescent lighting

KeyboardMembrane keyboard, 6 buttons, 4 soft
keys, 1 × device on/off, 1 × sound/LCD
lighting on/off 2 LEDs for alarm display
and funktione control
Data storage2400 measured values with date and time
Dimensions200 × 400 × 300 (L × B × H in mm)
Weight1400 g (included Batteries)
Operation temperature
–20 °C to +40 °C
Storage temperature
–20 °C to +55 °C
Rel. Humidity10 % to 85 % (non-condensing)
External pressure500 hPa to 1300 hPa (in operation)
CommunicationUSB (1 device, 1 Host for Memorystick),
RS 485
AlarmsAcoustic: Piezo oscillator 2.5 to 3 kHz
alarm as an interrupted continuous tone,
single pulse (switchable) as tone burst
WarningsLED signals when threshold values are
exceeded or function display. Text
messages in the display for exceeding the
measuring range and detector failure.


59974Becquerel Monitor LB 201, incl. 1 ×
marinelli beaker 0.5 l, 1 × aluminium
transport case, PC software set and
device stand
85331 × Marinelli sample beaker, plastic,
useable volume 0.5 l
7187210 × Marinelli sample beaker, plastic,
useable volume 0.5 l
14324Calibration source (nuclide: 137Cs)

Brocure LB201

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