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Biosan - ImagerBioF

Catalog No. BSM000102-A01 / BSM000103-A01 / BSM000104-A01 Category

ImagerBio F is a compact and portable fluorescent imager designed for imaging fluorescent microarrays. The instrument by standard operates on 2 channels: CY3 and CY5. The instrument is able to work with 96-well plate, a 12×8 well strip, as well as microscopic glasses (placed in a special adapter). The device takes images from the below, so the wells must have a transparent bottom. The device is equipped with a highly sensitive CMOS camera capable of taking more sensitive images in a shorter exposure times, which saves operating time. Image filtering goes through fluorescent filters. The instrument has an automatic mechanism of tray ejection outside the body.

The instrument can operate with a 20V portable lithium-ion battery, which makes the device usable in the field studies or point-of-care.

The device is available in 2, 3 or 4 channel configuration: DAPI, FITC, CY3, CY5. Qdot options are also available.

The compact design of 2/3 channel version allows the device to be carried in the hand luggage of the aircraft.

Software Features:

  • Automatic array finder via machine learning and image recognition
  • Grid layouting (Manual and Automatic)
  • Analysis of images by the average/median intensity of the spots
  • Qualitative/quantitative analysis of the arrays
  • Creating Qualitative/quantitative analysis assays
  • Quantitative assays with 4/5 parameter logistics functions, etc.
  • Setting multi level interpretation thresholds for different type of samples in the same well (e.g. tolerance to egg and lettuce)
  • Report exports to PDF, CSV, EXCEL
  • Control of camera exposure, gain, XYZ kinematics



Fluorescence channelsCY3, CY5
Optional Fluorescence channelsDAPI, FITC, CY3, CY5, Qdots
Arbitrary units measurement range0 to 65,535
Plates and Vessels96 well plate / 12 × 8 well strip / 4 microscope slides
Light sourceLaser
Lifetime of the light source>10,000 hours
Data interface for unit controls / cameraUSB 2.0 / USB 3.0
Camera3 MP, CMOS
Standard image resolution1280×1280 pixels
Resolution6 μm per pixel, 5–7 per user request
Image formatspng/tiff 16 Bit, or other on request
FocusManual, adjustable via PC
ExposureControllable, up to ~10 s
PC requirementsCPU: Intel i7, RAM: 8 GB Video card: Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, or better (Capability only with Nvidia cards) SSD: 256 GB, OS: Windows 10/11 (64 bit)
Overall dimensions (2/3 channel) (W×D×H)330×345×150 mm
Weight (2 channel), w/o power supplynot more than 8 kg
External power supplyInput AC 100–240 V 50/60 Hz, Output DC 20–24 V, 2.5A


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