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Prof. Dikdik Kurnia, M.Sc., Ph.D : “Amino Acids Have an Important Role for Livestock Development”

February 20, 2024
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Prof. Dikdik Sukma M.Sc., Ph.D

Prof. Dikdik Kurnia who was inaugurated as Professor of Organic Chemistry The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Padjadjaran University in 2022, will be a speaker in a webinar with the theme: “Basic Important Molecules in Our Lives : Analysis of Essential Amino Acid in Feed Industry” on Feb. 23rd.

In the webinar Prof. Dikdik Kurnia will talk about the structure and classification of amino acids. According to him, amino acids have an important role for livestock development. Prof. Dikdik will also present about the Bioactivity of amino acids and their analysis. 

Not just Prof. Dikdik. A Biochrom Product Specialist, Jenny Song, will be a speaker also. Jenny will talk about the Acid Amino Analyzer (AAA) tool that is dedicated specifically to analyzing Amino Acids.

PT Sentra Biosains Dinamika, as the Webinar organizer, invite Prof. Dikdik because the consistency of lecturers and researchers in the fields of organic chemistry of natural ingredients, anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, and anti-biofilm agents from oral pathogenic bacteria from natural ingredient products.

Prof. Dikdik will discuss the role of amino acids in animal feed. This is also in line with future challenges in food estate and animal feed for livestock quality and food estate in particular.

As a researcher, he has done many studies and gained international recognition. In 2023 Prof. Dikdik conducted research related to anti-infection of oral pathogenic microorganisms from bioactive compounds of Black Cumin and Red Betel Leaf.

Also researching microbial anti-infections and antioxidants from Basil, Red Betel and Green Betel. As well as anti-fungal and vaginal-discharge research from Red Betel Leaf,

Quoting the page, since 2014 Prof. Dikdik has conducted research on organic chemistry of natural materials with a specialization in the search for new drugs, especially for dental and oral diseases.

Prof. Dikdik found that the Sundanese culture of consuming fresh vegetables and betel nuts has great benefits for health.

The composition of herbal plants that are commonly chewed and whisked has the right chemical composition that can treat and maintain the condition of the teeth so that they remain intact. The research was able to draw a common thread between traditional culture and a scientific approach.

To find out more about this webinar and if you want to register, please scan the barcode or click the following link *** DAJ

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